Why do we journal at the end of class?

At the end of each class, parents are asked to take a moment to journal. This small moment of reflection is a powerful opportunity for parents to become keen observers of their own children.

Often the major milestones – first steps, first words – are what parents look for. But the daily moments of growth and development are just as exciting and important. Journaling is a chance to celebrate these small steps.  It may be a social skill, like the first time a child extends a hand for a handshake during the good morning song, being sensitive to other children during ball rolling, or the first time they bravely take a glockespiel turn on their own. It might be a musical skill, like the first time they play a “mississippi stop-stop” rhythm on the drum or a growing ability to keep a steady beat on the woodblock. For babies, it may just be staying awake for their favorite song! Whatever it may be for each individual child along their journey, it is so valuable to record and preserve these moments.

When your child’s time in the class has come to a close, you will get to take home a weekly record of each precious moment. This journal will hopefully become a cherished part of your memories of your child’s first years!


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