Back to School Time!

In the last week of August, something in the air seems to shift – all of the back-to-school  displays filled with pencils and folders become unavoidable, school buses start to show up around town, and we scramble to make the most of the remaining days of summer.  The children in our classes might not necessarily be going back to formal school, but they will be returning to our classes after a break period, which got me to thinking – what are some ways to get children excited and ready to come back to our SECE classes?

Of course, if you aren’t already listening daily to the CD of the class songs, play that recording! Any time is a good time – mealtime, in the car, playtime, the lullabies at the end of the CD at naptime or bedtime – it doesn’t matter when, just get in the habit of enjoying the music! Active engagement with the music is delightful – doing the actions from class, singing along, or making up your own dance moves are all wonderful.

Specific songs offer fun possibilities –

  • Compose new falling third xylophone songs about things you did this summer, places you visited, or new things your child is interested in. I can’t wait to add new compositions to our repertoire!
  • Next time you go grocery shopping, make up new lists for “To Market” based on what’s in your cart – then if we make new lists in class, we’ll have new suggestions!
  • Summer often is challenging for bedtimes – it may not always be helpful, but it could be fun to sing “Wee Willy Winkie” with many different bedtimes before going to bed.
  • Sing “Mulberry Bush” in the morning (or any time of day) with the activities that make up your morning routine.
  • Set up a circle of stuffed animals and other friends to practice singing  and taking turns during “Bow Wow Wow.”

Hopefully some of these suggestions might give you ideas to build excitement and anticipation about coming back to class! We’re so excited to see you all.

Classes begin the week of September 12th – there are Monday, Wednesday and Saturday morning options. Register now if you haven’t already by emailing or calling the office. More details here!



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