School Year 16-17 Wrap-Up

I recently sent an email to our SECE families this past year, and I wanted to share it here as well!


As our school year of SECE classes wraps up, I wanted to send along my sincerest thanks for a year filled with joy and learning! We’ve seen incredible development in the past months and I’m so proud of everyone.
Children’s musical skills are growing – they’re keeping steady beats, singing clearly, developing the motor skills to play instruments, and learning the skill of close listening.
Their language skills are growing too – children are answering questions, offering ideas, learning lyrics, and doing actions in songs. (A related article posted yesterday on NPR – a study linking rhythm skills to language and grammar skills, with a Suzuki violin program as the example!
Their social skills have developed beautifully! Their confidence is growing, perhaps giving them courage to sing for their turns, and they’re becoming more sensitive, readily shaking hands and sharing with classmates.
Most importantly, they’re building the foundation for a lifelong understanding and enjoyment of music.  I often explain to people why starting music from birth is valuable, and while the above things are excellent reasons, the core reason is to teach children to understand and speak the language of music from the earliest of days. We know children will learn to speak the language of music the same way they will learn to speak their native tongue, through immersion from birth. Music is a language that we use to connect to each other and feel connected. It is a language of empathy, understanding, and compassion. The earlier children are immersed in musical language, the more fluently they are able to speak and understand it. The depth of musical understanding a person has can only increase the value music has in their life. My genuine hope is that because of our classes, and the ongoing musical education you choose once they graduate, your children will find deep meaning and connection in musical experiences for the rest of their lives.

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